Your prices are very reasonable for the quality meat? How did you do it?

We are a family-owned business. That means we do not have shareholders to please. And we own our retail shop, machineries and trucks. Nothing is on bank’s loan, so no hefty interest charges. And we utilize our manpower to the optimum (each of us can be the accountant, cleaner, butcher, and deliveryman).

Low operating costs means better prices for customers.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

No. Seriously we do not have the time for that. We rather spend time perfecting your order. If we hire someone to sit in front of the computer, it will increase overhead costs ultimately our prices.

We know we are good, so we will leave it to word-of-mouth, rather than through social media.

Is your food certified Halal?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we would love to be, but as a full-fledged butchery, we are expected to sell all livestock, including pork.

However, some Muslims are ok as long as there are no pork items ordered at the BBQs they are attending. Our beef, chicken and lamb are certified Halal when slaughtered at their country of origin. And we have a separate preparation area for pork.

Can you do a super low budget BBQ for a non-profit organisation event?

Of course! We have done them before. The lowest was $1.50 per person for an orphanage. That menu includes kebabs, sausages, chicken wings, ribs.

Do you charge delivery fee?

Spend $120 and above, and we will delivery free. Otherwise a small delivery fee of $15 applies.

Do you deliver to the doorsteps? Or are we supposed to meet your driver at the main entrance of the compound?

Unlike other caterers who demand you to meet them at the compound’s main entrance, we will always deliver to your doorstep or BBQ pit.

Can we request for delivery to arrive at certain time?

Definitely. Let us know the timing and it shall be done (+/- 15mins for traffic). By the way, delivery is first-come-first-served. So place your order early to secure the timing slot.

Are the meats delivered chilled or frozen?

For BBQ meats, all our meats are delivered chilled, ready for BBQing.

How are our meat orders packed, and how do you deliver to us?

For BBQ orders, where possible, we will vacuum pack the meats. If unable to vacuum pack (eg sharp skewers or soft vegetables), we will pack them into disposable aluminum trays. Everything will be put into a recycled clean carton box or recycled clean foam box.

Your order will be delivered in our refrigerated truck. Hence the supply cold chain is not broken.

For meat roasts, the roasts will be wrapped in aluminum foil and delivered in a thermal warmer bag to maintain the warm.

What if it rains (for BBQ orders)?

If you feel like it is going to rain later in the day during your BBQ, let us know 3 hours in advance. We are able to oven-roast (for a small fee) all the meats you ordered, and deliver them cooked to you. This way, your event can still proceed despite the downpour. Talked about good service, huh?

How many days’ notice do you need? Why?

Preferably 3 days. First good meats have to be properly prepared, not in a rush. And we definitely need at least 36hrs to let the meat be fully infused with marinade. And lastly, when you place your order early, your delivery timing will get priority over the second bloke who also wants the same delivery timing.

Can we do last minute orders?

Preferably not. Although we sometimes accept last minute order, it is still better to let us know your order early so we can prepare it well.

Last minute changes after we ordered?

We hate it when after meticulously preparing your 30 pax bbq package. And you call up to say “please add 1 more pax”. Or, after cutting a nice 2kg piece of beef Ribeye for next day’s roasting, and you called up “Can I increase to 2.5kg?”.

So please confirm your requirements before ordering.

Your BBQ meats. Can we order in small loose quantity?

Definitely. Unlike other caterers, most of our items are sold loose. Our products are itemized in the lowest possible denominations. So you can have the flexibility to order small quantities of each product.

And although some items are sold in per kg or per 10 pax, you can request for half quantities. Just drop us an email to indicate your requirements, we will gladly oblige. Only satays are sold in 10’s.

Can we walk in to purchase off the rack?

Nope, we only do upon orders. That is how fresh we want your meat order to be. Do you want to buy something that is lying on the chiller for the past 2 days?

Adjustments to BBQ package details?

Yes, you can make changes to our standard BBQ package. Prices will be adjusted according to your changes.

How can I order?

You can order online. But we strongly advise you to email or call in your order as these will be easier to amend any changes you may have at a later stage.

What are the modes of payment?

While we have online PayPal option for you to pay with credit cards, please do not use it. Opt for Cash On Delivery instead.

The reason is in the event of any amendments to your order (eg no stock), it will be easier and more flexible without the need to do refunding.

For more queries, call us or email us. We are friendly jokers who can be flexible to customers’ requests.